Friday, May 6, 2016

Zoo Fun with our Buds!

A few weeks back, Kris asked if Mason and I wanted to join them at the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia at some point before the baby arrived. We jumped on that opportunity! 

Monday morning, we were up early and headed out...all smiles!

Aside from a few fusses on the way from the kiddos, we made it all in one piece, happy and ready for the animals and adventure! :) 
First up...otters! They were playing and it was fun!


A was a little more stoic, like Mr. Lion. :)


These bears looked like they were kissing. Couldn't NOT get a picture of that. :)

Mason was asking about the lions BUT as usual, at least when we go to the zoo, they were sleeping.

I love this little guy SO much!

"Hey Guys, look at the camera!"

....yeah, not so much. 

We had the chance to feed the birds but Mason wasn't interested. A was an old pro, though!

Then, it was Carousel time!
Mason was a little uncertain but he didn't mind snuggling me and sitting in the big comfy seat on the carousel. :)

These two loved ALL of the animals all morning long. It was great!

Mason especially enjoyed the various monkeys. :)

I think the elephants were my favorite! They were chowing down on breakfast and it was crazy how much they ate in each bite!

Sweet friends.

We love our friends!

The meerkat exhibit was so cute. They were running everywhere.

And the gorillas? Always fun!

We also got to feed the giraffes. 
After lunch and seeing all of the reptiles, we were DONE! We headed out for home. Mason caught a cat nap on the way, thankfully! 

Oh wait, I forgot, Mrs. Kris shared her Icee. Mason wasn't mad about that! :)

When we got home, I was exhausted so I forced Mason to snuggle with me. It was good!

Thanks for the fun, guys! WE LOVED IT!!!

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