Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Favorite Children's Books {2} Biblically Focused

Continuing on with some of our favorite books today. I'm sharing some of ours that are biblically focused. We have these books in a basket right on our dining room table and we read many of them daily. 

Say & Pray Bible: This book is great for kids about the age of Maddox. It's simplistic yet introduces some of the core bible stories like Jonah and the Whale and Noah's Ark. Each story has pictures labeled as well as including a verse as well as a prayer. 

Treasury of Bible Stories: Rhythmical Rhymes of Biblical Times: This book is hilarious!! The stories are presented well yet they are all rhyming and the pictures are comical. Mason LOVES this book! 

Our Daily Bread For Kids: This book was given to us recently for Maddox's birthday. It is a bit advanced for both of the boys but the devotionals are short enough that I can still read them to both boys while they eat. This book has a scripture along with each devotional as well as a few fun biblical facts. 

Our neighbors gave us these devotionals for Mason's 3rd birthday and we have read both of them. They are great to cover both Old and New Testament. These have great illustrations and hold Mason's attention while I read the devotional. 

These are some of our favorite resources right now. If you check them out, I hope you enjoy, too! 

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