Wednesday, July 5, 2017

What I Learned {June 2017}

Let's see what this ole girl learned in June! 

1. When I eat more fruits and vegetables, I feel so much better!!!

I have been eat more fruits and vegetables this past month. Hopefully, I'll share more about that eventually. But for now, I just wanted to share that I feel so much better. Eating those foods has me avoiding other foods which in turn has boosted my energy!

2. When our "shows" aren't on TV, we find other fun things to do! 

Matt and I have our "shows" that we watch in the fall and spring. Well, when those aren't on, we don't default to them and we have been doing some fun things. Playing games, watching a few movies, cooking, etc. And even giving longer foot rubs than usual!  It's been fun! Guess that little break in TV time is good! 

3. The library is literally the best thing for our family!

We have been frequenting the library for several years now but as of late, it's become such a life saver. I've been reading tons of books and we've probably read 75+ books this summer to the kids that are new to us and all from the library. Aside from that, when it's super hot outside, it's the perfect place to go and play for a while without sweating to death. Win-win! 

4. A trip to visit friends is hard when it rains non-stop! 

I took the boys to visit friends in Louisiana and it was a blast! However, we had so many fun plans and the rain squashed most of them. We still had such a good time but my boys were stir crazy and by the end, I was worn slap out! We decided next time, we might reschedule if rain was in the forecast! :) 

I think that's all for now. It was a fun month. Here's to a HOT July! 

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