Friday, July 14, 2017

The Morgan's Movements {Week 27}

We started out week 27 with church then work for me. After that we headed to a church just down the street for their big yard sale! Mason loved these wooden desks and if we had room, I would have scooped one up! 

And I scored the score of all scores! An original Lite-Brite for $2!!!! 

And Mason got some dinosaurs!

I was pumped when I got home and turned on the Lite Brite and it came right on. :)

Monday morning, Mason didn't have speech so we headed to McDonald's for a quick breakfast and playtime for the boys. 

Maddox was not interested in pictures.

Mason wasn't either...huge win! 🤣🤣🤣

Once Matt went to work and Maddox was napping, Mason and I chilled and read some. He was very interested in the LIDL summer magazine. :)

OH! And that's the same day that Maddox discovered he could reach the books on the shelf next to his bed and he did so during nap! And I promptly moving the shelf before I even got him out of bed.

Visits to the library continue to be fun! 

"Let's take a few pictures, Buddy." Yeah, goof ball. 

Love him. 

We have continued learning this summer in lots of ways but every now and then we have some workbook time. :) 


Mason helped me with our first Lite Brite creation!! 

Matt took Mason to Hatcher Garden and they came home with only 2 mosquito bites between them! And they saw two hawks! #WorthIt

Mason even caught some fish with his bare hands! 

Silly boy was worn out! 

When the guys returned home, Matt took a bath and Mason and I snuggled up for LOTS of books! 

The night ended with this beauty in the sky. Loved it. 

Mason wanted to be a superhero with a towel on his back and Maddox joined in. They were so super fast, this was my picture. 

Maddox tried walking a mile in Matt's shoes. ;-) Again, so fast I didn't get a good picture. 

Grandmom and Granddad visits are always the best!! Maddox gave Granddad lots of snuggles and kisses! 

Grandmom tried but Maddox was being a stinker. 

Grandmom was telling Mason story and he was listening so well. It was the sweetest! 

A group pic with no one looking at once. :) 

Maddox was trying to grab Grandmom's hair! 

Last morning with this wild hair!

He spent it reading. :) 

Boys roughhousing. Gah, how will I ever keep up!?!

One picture with my boy before his big haircut! It was his second one but it was so doggone long it was like it was his first! 

Before and After! 

Not so sure about things! 

Friday afternoon we headed out to MGM but not before Matt and Mason had a nice relaxing moment outside. 

And not before Maddox had a fit when I told him "no no" 

Up next, MGM visit! 

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