Monday, July 17, 2017

Montgomery {July 2017}

Man, I've got to catch up on my posts. This week was just as fast as it could be and I'm not sure where time went! 

Last Friday, we headed to Montgomery to visit Matt's parents as well as Mom-Mom, his paternal grandmother, who was in town from Pennsylvania. Because of it being a holiday week, it was a fast and furious trip for us because Matt couldn't get time off from work. 

On our way Friday, we saw this cloud - Matt spotted it first and it looked like it had a big waterfall on the left side. Kind of cool. 

It was a pretty good drive with a stop for gas and potty and then continuing on the Montgomery. 

The boys passed the time with sword fights. :) 

We made it to Montgomery in time for a spaghetti dinner. Maddox got his birthday present from Grammy and PopPop - a Green Toys airplane! He was very the tissue paper! :) 

"Ooohh" :) 

Saturday morning, we were all up early. Different time zone plus a really early sunrise in Montgomery. I headed to get donuts for us. Found out when I got there that they only took cash so I had to go to the bank and then back to get donuts. It was so early! I rewarded myself with this. :) 

After breakfast, Micro machines! 

We spent the morning in the pool. It was such a pretty day and so hot that the water was about 90 degrees. Mason tried out every pool float they had and when Maddox was awake, he floated mostly happily in his little float. 

Maddox looking, Daddy not. 

Daddy looking, Maddox not. 

We had a yummy lunch and Mason tricked Mom-Mom into eating a blueberry. He was proud of himself! 

Maddox checked the fridge for something else to eat. :) 

After naps, we got back into the pool and Mason got to catch a butterfly! 

Family pic in the pool. 

Happy boy! 




We have a picture of Mason in this chair in the snow in MGM so it was fun to recreate this picture, just without the snow. 

Maddox had fun playing with PopPop some, too. 

Before bed Saturday night, Grammy read Mason one of her favorite stories. 

Our attempt at a 4 generation picture. Not the best but we will take what we can get! 

Us with Mom-Mom

After dinner, I ran to a friend's house to drop off a book. I didn't think they were home but they were so I got a short visit and a few pictures. 

Sunday morning came fast and we had a quick breakfast and some playtime before we got on the road. 
Maddox had a bit more exploring to do. 


We stopped in Atlanta for lunch at the Varsity. It was Maddox's first visit but he didn't care. 😂

We had a good visit and look forward to seeing Grammy and PopPop in September. 


  1. You had me at donut and pool!!! Two of my faves!!