Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Mason Says & Does {20}

Maddox wasn't feeding himself as he typically does and I asked Mason "What are we gonna do with him? " Mason as serious as can be says, "I have no idea!"

We got home from a park playdate and Mason said, regarding lunch, "I'll swing Maddox while you make me something." #subtle

Matt took the boys to the park one afternoon and he told me that Mason encountered a new friend who had a physical deformity of some sort and Mason played with him as if there was nothing different. I love the mind of children and how accepting they are of others. May we all learn something from them. 

I got Mason a special drink recently and he said, "Its a little sour but still good." :) 

When I asked Mason to do something, not important, he said, "I certainly not." Funny but also not.

While we were in Monroe, we visited the library. Mason said, "I need to use the computer to send something."
"To send something to Anna."
It says, "I miss you Anna and we will be home tomorrow where I can read my books and play with my toys."

I dropped a q-tip on the floor and Mason said, "Uh-oh! You dropped an ear tip!"

"Mom, why did God make me?"

Maddox was tossing food and cups etc during meal time and Masons throws his head back and says, "I give up!"

When we were getting ready to meet friends for lunch and play, Mason begins giving me the 3rd degree:
"We will eat at McDonalds?"
"You and Miss Kris will order our food?"
"And we will play while you order?"
"And I will Keep an eye on Anna because she's little" --said with a big on smirky grin on his face. :)

We were driving past a recently closed chicken restaurant and Mason saw someone standing on the corner, likely waiting to cross the road. Mason said, "That man is standing there trying to get chicken but that chicken place is closed. Closed up tight like an alligator's mouth!" 😂😂😂

"Mom, you know it's not nice to spy on people?!"
"Yeah buddy, how did you know that?"
"Curious George!!"

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