Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Morgan's Movements {Week 28}

Last week, I posted on Instagram that I didn't take a picture the whole day. I had forgotten about a few I took in Atlanta and then after I posted, Matt took these. 

Worn. Slap. Out. 

Monday morning came QUICK! and after speech, I pulled out the playing cards to use for exercise for Mason. Matt joined in! For each number, they had to do that many of whatever action. I just picked randomly. It was fun! Thanks, Kris and the internet for the idea! 

Monday we also celebrated 7 years since we got engaged! 

Maddox kept showing off his new trick. I was not impressed! After taking him down 9,000 times, I just finally took some pictures. 



Mason sat down to block Maddox and ended up getting so involved in books, he didn't move for a while! He's "reading" the books so well, now! 

Maddox loves his books, too! 

Someone woke up from nap with a serious face and enjoying his thumb! 

That night, Matt and I celebrated with PIE!!! Locals, the pie at Sugar and Spice is so yummy! 

Tuesday morning, Maddox all but refused his eggs. Even ketchup didn't help. 

Then he attempted to lunge out of the tub! 

Mason has been BEGGING to go to the zoo and honestly, it's too hot right now. So, we made a zoo at home! It was a BLAST! Mason and I took turns telling facts about the animals. 

The rabbits were asleep. :) 

Gah, back to this AGAIN!? 

I got on the floor for a while and the boys trampled me. :) 

Playing "sleep" 

Tuesday evening, I didn't work so Matt took Mason to the Y to swim. They watched a little basketball after. 

Wednesday, Matt took Mason to story time. 

Meanwhile, Maddox was cooking dinner. 

And he showed his unhappiness for brother and Daddy leaving us at home! 

Snack helped. 

Love that baby in the mirror. :) 

Thursday morning brought a puppet show complete with paper bag puppets! 

And then a little workbook time complete with tongue sticking out for focus! 

Thursday afternoon we met our friends for a rescheduled splash pad playdate! 

Matt stayed home with Maddox. Maddox chilled and then let Matt know he was ready to go in. :)

Friday brought time at home with living room baseball, grocery shopping for me and the boys and a date for Matt and Mason. I'll share more about that later! 

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