Monday, July 3, 2017

The Morgan's Movements {Week 26}

Half-way through the year! How is it possible!?! 

Last Sunday Mason saw a picture of he and Maddox on the tv table and he and Matt had a moment. :) 

"Hi, Mom! I pull out all of the toys now!"

Lots of shenanigans are getting started around here! 

Mason has been interested in the guitar recently so he and Matt had a little bit of a jam session. :) 


Maddox ended up getting a bit of a stomach bug Monday and since we weren't sure what would come of it, we all stayed home. Matt even called out from work to be home, too. It was a pleasant day despite all of the diapers we changed. 🤣

Just making a huge road for all of the cars out of play doh. 

Mason scratches Daddy's back and Daddy rubs Maddox's feet. :) 

Mason wanted to take these pictures of Maddox reading. :) 

So. Many. Snuggles. 

These have been in our closet for years! And we just never remember to use them. Monday afternoon seemed like the perfect time! Mason and Matt had so much fun! 

Maddox and I just watched. ;) 

Tuesday brought a little brother who was feeling better so we got back to some regularly scheduled programming. :) 
Chalkboards are always fun! 

That evening, I ended up not having to work so Matt sent me to Panera for some chill time. Unsweet tea and a good book! 

I love these people so much! 

Maddox's hair is so long!!! He is getting it cut Thursday but in the meantime, this happens every now and then! :) 

Matt had a photo session Wednesday afternoon so the boys and I were solo for story time. We had fun! They were super focused on those stories! 




One without a shirt and one without pants....what are ya gonna do?!? 


Thursday morning brought these cute little red shoes! 😍

Sleepy head! 

Matt took the boys to Waffle House Thursday night for their weekly date. It was yummy according to all three! 

We ended the night with an attempt at family story time. Yeah, that went well. 

Friday, I took one picture. This one at breakfast of leftover waffles. Those boys were happy to have waffles two meals in a row! 
We went to play and eat lunch with friends and just had a good day! 

Saturday was a working morning for me. The guys went to the farmer's market and just hung at home. Then we went to the library to pick up new books and play a little bit. 

Friday we got some cow hats and Maddox was terrified. I tried to get some pictures of he and Mason wearing them. It went smashingly! 





We capped off the week with a celebration of 6.5 years of marriage! We had a great date night at home! Love this man so much! 

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