Friday, February 1, 2019

Christmas Day 2018

Christmas Day!!! 
The Morgan boys were sound asleep until nearly 8:00! We went into their room singing Merry Christmas! 

Maddox had one goal. ❤️

Then we left them open their Christmas pjs. We usually do it the night before but they were forgotten so we did it that morning. It was fine because we wear them ll day on Christmas Day so there was plenty of time. :) 

Mason opted to leave his other Christmas pjs on for the day. 

We had some presents for GiGi so we gave them to her while we waited for Grandmom and Granddad to come over for breakfast. As usual, the boys were good helpers. 

The boys then were able to open their stockings. There were lots of fun trinkets in there to play with while waiting to eat. 


We had a delicious breakfast of blueberry crisp and an egg bake and then we opened presents and played and just had a great morning together! 

We even ate again. 😂 Maddox was giving his "eyes". 😂


A few shots of Christmas present opening/playing. Matt captured a few more pictures on his camera that I'll share one day. 

It was a wonderful morning and I'm so glad we had that time together! 

Once Grandmom and Granddad left, we played a few games. GiGi isn't into board games but she was such a trooper! 

After rest time, we set our table with snack foods and got busy eating...again. 



The day ended with snuggles. 

Night Night! 

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