Tuesday, February 5, 2019

The Morgan's Movements 2019 {Week 2}

Look at the relaxation with these two. 


Sweetness that I captured. The boys love playing together with Matt but when they get one on one time, they just enjoy it so much! 

This trip, we didn't read with GiGi as much as usual so toward the end of her visit, we had to make up for it! 

Brothers playing. They have gotten into a bit of a groove but there is definitely a time limit of sorts and the yelling and fussing begins. 

In need of a haircut...

Mason talked GiGi into games and she was a good sport! 


So much love. 

After our trip to Atlanta, which I'll recap soon, we had an unexpected doctor's appointment. I had seen a post about drawing a track on the paper for the kids to run their trucks on. This was great entertainment! 

Mason had been complaining of a chest pain and we couldn't figure it out. Thankfully the tests done came back negative and Mason was incredibly brave! It seems it is reflux so we are addressing that. 

And Mason finally figured out what these are for...😂😂😂


Bye Week 2. 

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