Tuesday, February 26, 2019

SOAP notes

Back In August, I joined a small group. Well, actually it is a large group with small groups within it. We meet every other week as a large group and split up into our tables and have small group discussion. Along with the group meetings, we are reading through the Bible. As we read through the Bible, we are writing SOAP notes and sharing those as accountability to each other. This process has been so helpful to me. I have been reading the Bible consistently for almost six months which is longer than I've ever read the Bible in my years as a believer in Jesus. 

Since it has had such a profound impact on me, I wanted to share it here. It may help others or it just may be something great for me to look back on in years to come. 

S is for Scripture. Whether you start with a daily reading plan, start from Genesis 1 or have some other way of reading, this is where you would write your scripture after reading. Choose a verse from the passage you read that stood out. Write that verse down. 

O is for Observation. What do you see in that verse? Why did it stand out to you? Was it a new verse or an old verse that stood out in a new way? Anything and everything you observe. 

A is for Application. How will you apply this verse to your life. I find it great to write an "I Will" statement here about how I will incorporate that truth into my life. Make it specific. 

P is for Prayer. Pray about that scripture. You can add more prayer than that, too, of course but in our group, we typically share our prayer specifically related to what we read. 

Like I said, this has been so helpful to me and has given me great insight into God's word! 

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