Thursday, February 7, 2019

The Morgan's Movements 2019 {Week 3}

Look at those cuties...Matt always sends breakfast pictures when I'm not home. 

We had a playdate with friends and this blow-up car was Maddox's favorite. 

Surrounded by superheroes. No place I'd rather be. :) 

One night, Matt and I played the new game he got for Christmas. Ticket To Ride: New York! It was a lot of fun. 

These faces! They were dressed warm and cozy and willing to take pictures! 




Before workout...

After workout...we all survived! 

We met some friends for lunch at Chick-Fil-A. It's always a fun time with those girls! 


Maddox has been asking to potty and it was time for potty training boot camp. That meant brand new undies for this big boy! 

Meanwhile, I got to read this sweet girl a bed time story. 

All smiles or silly faces while waiting for BSF. 

That night brought one last date with momma with this boy in diapers. Ice cream for the win! 


These two had guy time at home with popcorn and a show. :) 

They also made a car from a kit that the Rasnakes gave Mason for Christmas. He had a blast! 


Bright an early on Friday morning, we threw the diapers out of the door and put on big boy underwear for POTTY TRAINING BOOT CAMP!! 

He did so well. There were a few hiccups as expected but he did so great and 3 weeks later, he's doing great!
Look at these snuggles. 

Family story time along with movie time. These two boys are so different. 

Potty training play time. 😂

Oh the snuggles...


Love him. 

Thanks to free bagels from Panera, Mason and I had a date! 

He took these pictures. :) 

Mittens in the house? Why not! 

Baseball player fireman...or so the helmets say. 

Now Spiderman. Seriously, he is never still! 

Handsome boy after a haircut. Maddox missed his turn because of potty training and now his hair is down to his nose. 😂

Oh those crossed legs! ❤️

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