Saturday, February 9, 2019

Maddox Says & Does {17}

When out looking for a snow sled, Maddox told Matt that McDonald's probably had them. 😂

Maddox gave Matt a high five and Matt asked for a kiss on the cheek. Maddox only heard "on the cheek" and "slapped" him. Oops!

"Jin Jin Bread" for gingerbread

When asking him to do something "I can't. I'm busy."

When he gets hurt but doesn't necessarily want to let on, "I not crying."

While visiting Grandmom and Granddad, he went over to Granddad's computer and he said "whatchu watching?" ❤️

He started calling Mason "Mase".

While driving home for nap time, Maddox said "I"m not even sleepy!"

Maddox told us that Jesus was born in Bethlehem and that Mary and Joseph were there, too!

About PawPaw's dog, "Spike is outside doing his business."

While watching Curious George, "Where is Curious George's mom?" (He called the Man in the yellow hat Curious George's Dad.)

Maddox was telling Gigi about their new outside playhouse. "My Dad bought it."

I told Maddox that it wasn't long until rest time. He said, "Okay baby." then "okay baby doll."

I was making dinner one night and he was standing by the table as I put things down. I asked him to move because it wasn't time yet. He said, "But Mom, I'm just hanging out."

I asked the boys to clean up so they could watch something. Mason kinda fussed and I said "pick up or you're going to lose..." and I paused. Maddox said "a privilege". He's heard that a few times.

Maddox has begun closing things off. He blocks the way and says, "It's closed!"

Pepperponi for pepperoni

I said something to Maddox about growing up and he said, "I'll get a mustache!" 😂

Maddox started talking to Mason and Mason said, "Maddox, I'm sleeping." Maddox said, "We already did that!"

Mason asked Matt and Maddox to come fight his animals. Matt said "We're lovers not fighters." Maddox quickly said, "I'm a fighter!" 😂

Mom: Let me know if you need to go potty.
Maddox: Okay, okay, okay!

Mason asked for a Chick-Fil-A shirt. Then he said, "Maybe I'll get one soon." ❤️

I was running to the grocery store and I asked if anyone needed anything,. Maddox said, "Yes. Vanilla ice cream." ❤️ You know I got that. 


Maddox was walking around the house "happy and know it clap hands hooray!" 

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