Monday, February 4, 2019

The Morgan's Movements 2019 {Week 1}

We started the first of the year slippers!!! I found these are clearance at Target for less than $3 and the boys have loved them! 

Playdoh with a fireman is always a good time! 

Reading with a fireman is also great. 😉

Love this big guy so much. 

One afternoon Matt, Maddox and myself napped but these two were watching football. I had to get up and sneak a picture. He was asking her all kinds of questions and she answered them all. It was so sweet. 

Sweet boys. 

We got to have dinner with Grandmom and Granddad on New Year's Day and seeing these three talking was such a sweet moment. 

On January 2nd, I started doing an exercise class called Stroller Rollers and we are a month strong and it's going great! I'm enjoying it so much. 

Well, these were sunglasses. 😑 but also 😂

We got to have a game night with friends. We ate homemade pizza and played lots of games. It was super fun! 

Maddox loves Mrs. Kris. 

A little game of keep away was perfect to end the games for the night. 

Then Kris settled the troops for a story. 

Love these people. 

The next day, we were able to have Em and Anna with us for the whole day! We went up to Kidsenses to play and they all had a blast. 






After a fun couple of hours, we went to a local joint for lunch. It was pretty darn good! and cheap! 

We got two milkshakes and we all shared. 

Oh the sweetness. 

This girl and I couldn't get the picture worked out. I laughed so hard looking back at these. 


I'm not sure what prompted this but I was down with it! 

We also did a HD kid's workshop while GiGi was here and the boys loved having her watch them. 

Airport views. 

Then we got to play with these little grow/glow animals. Boys enjoyed that. 

Maddox helped me shred some stuff one night. He was a big helper! 

Alllll of the snuggles for GiGi! 

Matt and I had a quick date. Can you tell we are able to fall asleep? 😂

Dapper for church. This kid loves a bowtie! 

Two football fans chatting across the room about football. I loved it so much. 

Can't handle the cuteness. 

This guy and I went on a date to run an errand and he loved it! 

I just love seeing my boys play. 

GiGi was a trooper and got down on the floor for legos and micro machines one morning. 

Matt took the boys to Hatcher Garden and they "picked flowers for every girl they know." I know, I can't handle it either. 

Goodness...he is so sweet. 

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