Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The Morgan's Movements 2019 {Week 6}

These days with them are just sweet. Hard and sweet mostly. 😉

I had a day recently when I could wear flip flops. You know I did. 

Mason and I are working through teaching him to read. We are 1/5 of the way through. He's getting it! 

We still love our Wednesday afternoon story time. A couple of weeks ago, we had it all to ourselves! 

Daddy snuggles before bed. 

Silly kids...

Goodness...I love them. 

Everybody was tired on this day...

Matt took the boys to Sonic for 50 cent corn dog day. They each ate THREE!!! 

Coolest kid. 

Biggest helper in the back ground. 

I peeked in on Mason at AWANA one night. ❤️

I got a new workout shirt and I was totally feeling it on this day. :) 

Our neighbor brought over some donuts and other snacks. The boys were hyped up for days. 😂

Mason got a special surprise in the mail from a secret sender. He was PUMPED! and he had a friend over that loved playing with it too. 




We got to share donuts, too. 

Maddox was wrapped up tight! 

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