Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Morgans...Part 2

As part 2 of this series (which was started a while back), we are sharing some of the things we like to do for fun!

Matt and I love to have fun BUT we are also on a pretty tight budget right now as we finish paying off student loans and save as much as we can for future endeavors. We still make time to have fun and budget for that as well. Here is a quick list of the things we enjoy doing for fun!

-Watch TV shows
     We don't have cable but we love to watch TV series on Hulu or check series out from the Library

-Work on our 101 in 1001 list
     We started our list in January and we have already crossed off over 20 goals! It's so much fun!

-Go to the library
     We recently got library cards and have enjoyed reading new books and watching new DVDs. We decided to read all of the Newberry Award winning books since we were born. That has been fun. We have an AWESOME library too.

-Go out to dinner
     We try to go out to dinner twice a month just for fun. We love to cook but going out is fun too!

-Cook together
     We love to cook together. We generally do this 1-2 times a week at least and we have made some YUMMY foods too!

-Work on crafts together
      In an effort to make and save extra money and also have fun, we have started doing some crafts together. We have made several wedding gifts, Christmas gifts and things to sell. More to come!

-Travel together
     We like to travel together. We have taken some fun trips together. We try to do trips on a budget so we can take them more often!

-Play games together
     We recently started playing board games together. We have been playing a new game called, Zooloretto. It's a fun game but mostly it is fun to sit down and talk while we play.

-Rub each other's feet (mostly Matt rubbing mine)
     Matt mentioned this one and I had to laugh out loud because I hardly ever rub his feet but I always let him rub mine :)

-Find new hobbies to do
     This has been a fun thing to do. Crafting, refinishing furniture, cooking, working on our list etc. Coming up with new hobbies to do together is such a blast and keeps marriage fresh!

-Dream about the future
     We LOVE to sit together and dream about the future. It's possibly the most fun thing we do together.

What do you do for fun?

Til then-
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