Monday, October 15, 2012

Sky Top Orchard---Apple Picking

Two weeks ago, we realized that it was prime apple-picking time so we packed a lunch and headed up to Sky Top Orchard  in North Carolina to pick some! In doing so, we also crossed goal #40 off of our 101 in 1001 list!

I have never been apple least to my knowledge...and it was so much fun! Because of the height of the trees and the fact that most of the lower apples had either been picked already or fallen on the ground, Matt had to do most of the work. Since he did, I took that time to snap 100 10 pictures of him. Here are a few of those as well as the few he was able to get of me!

**If you have never been apple picking, I highly recommend it. So fun and the reward is great! We have enjoyed apples for the last two weeks and still are. We've even made Homemade Apple Cider--Seriously delicious!

Heading out...

Matt was enjoying his chocolate :)

Hate to see you leave but love to see you walk away...hahaha

We both agree he looks like a dork in most of the pictures mainly because he is perched in a tree trying to pick apples and I'm forcing him to take pictures. Since I did that, I feel that I MUST post them! 

See? DORK! :)

Apple Pickers! 

Handsome fella! 

Here begins Matt's tree climbing and my taking numerous pictures! :)

A favorite picture of mine 

Deer, bird and rabbit food! :)

Here's our loot! 

"Hey Babe...Stand by these gourds and let me get your picture" 

HECK YES! Y'all, this is the best thing I've ever eaten and that seriously may not be an exaggeration! 

Yay, Sky Top! 


Here are Matt's pictures of me :)

This is me signaling "J" for jonagold apples 


We had such a blast! 

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