Friday, April 24, 2015

Knoxville Trip {April 2015}

Since we moved here, we have made trips to Knoxville every 3-4 months to visit our friends, The Moody's, but we had not seen them in 1 year! They were supposed to come for Mason's birthday but got snowed in. Then, they were coming two weekends recently and got sick! So, we were so glad to see them! 
We planned the trip to visit Matt's brother and his girlfriend who live in Nashville. We met in Knoxville since it's half-way between us and Nashville. 
It was nice to see lots of people in the same weekend. :)

We arrived late Friday evening and we were all up early Saturday morning. Mandy made yummy cinnamon rolls and then she and I headed to a church yard sale! While we shopped, Ollie taught Mason how to wrestle! 

And how to play with cars. 

Matt and Mason were at the Moody's for a bit by themselves while everyone went to a baseball game and they waited for me. Mason was pooped! 

I picked up Mason some red Converse high tops for $3! 

We met Ben and Anne at a local park and had a simple lunch of sandwiches and pasta salads. It was nice. Then, we played for a little bit. 

Mason and I headed back to the Moody's house for Mason to play for a minute and then take a long nap! Matt, Ben, and Anne headed to a fun coffee shop and then to Market Square. 

After nap, it was popsicle time! 

Then, we played outside for a while. Matt, Ben, and Anne came back to the Moody's to visit before Ben and Anne hit the road. 

Mandy made a yummy crockpot meal for dinner and we had a little play time before bedtime. The kids had such a fun time! 

The Moody's sent Matt and I on a date to get pie. More coming on that later. 

Sunday morning, we ate breakfast and the kids played a little more before we hit the road. Love these kiddos! 

One last hug! 

Mason was WORN out! 

Grateful for a fun time with the Moody Family and Ben and Anne. 

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