Wednesday, December 23, 2015

{Early} Christmas 2015

Like I mentioned in my last post, we celebrated Christmas early. A few weeks ago, Matt's dad asked if we wanted to come for Christmas. It was too late for Matt to take off of work which limited a trip to December 25-27. I was already scheduled to work those days so Matt and Mason are heading down for a visit in Montgomery while I stay behind and work.

That being said, we didn't want to miss Christmas together so we just moved it up a week. :)

Mason was ready for a Silent Night on our Christmas Eve!

Matt and I were wearing our Christmas PJs, too! 

That next morning, we read a Children's version of Luke 2, prayed, and got ready for the day. 

We opened presents all together. This cracked Matt and I up because despite there only being a few presents, it took us 45 minutes to open them all. It was fun! 

Mason's favorite gift was his little table top kitchen. 

Mason got two hats and he thought Dad needed one, too. :)

We do gifts as a want, a need, a wear, and a read as so many others do these days. We also do stocking stuffers and we add a gift of "something to do together". This may be a day trip, a movie, a game, etc. This year, we plan to take a day trip sometime in the new year. 

Here's a highlight of our gifts:
Matt: a new pair of tennis shoes, a variety pack of Crazy Cup K-cups, iTunes gift card, and a new book. He also got some socks including a pair that matches with Mason and some candy. 
Leslie: candles, hand soaps, "L" mug, a mason jar cup, a book I wanted, a gift card for a the Pioneer woman butter dish and some fun stocking stuffers.
Mason: a small table top kitchen (that I got on super clearance earlier this year-$12!!), 24 piece puzzles, markers/crayons, a few small sets of blocks for him to grow into, and some books including the next Little Blue Truck book. 

It was a fun time opening gifts and we each got some fun things. 

For breakfast, we enjoyed some delicious Cinnamon Roll Casserole...the perfect dish for Christmas morning. 

After opening the presents, Mason LOVED playing with the paper!! 

Between breakfast and lunch, we snuggled up with A Charlie Brown Christmas. 

For lunch, we had this delicious spread and it was sooooo good! This is our favorite thing to do for Christmas lunch. Not much cooking and so yummy. 

That evening, we headed to Grandmom and Granddad's because they invited us over for dinner. We visited them in our PJs! 

Granddad turned on Lawrence Welk and Mason was mesmerized. 

After leaving, we drove through a neighborhood to look at lights and then came home for sleep. (We went to look at more lights the next night.)

It was a FUN Christmas day and just what we wanted.


  1. I love so many things about this post. I love the accommodation, the simplicity, the joy, and how STINKING CUTE you all are!!! Merry Christmas early!!! I'm sorry you don't get to spend the actual day together, but I am excited you had a great Christmas!!

    1. We have never let a change in plans affect our celebrating. Who says Christmas Day can't be December 19th?! ;-) hope you guys have a great one as well!