Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Morgan's Movements 2018 {Week 23}

Really only 1.5 days left of week 23 when we left the farm but they were good ones! Since Maddox had been not eating much on his birthday, we saved our good meal out for Saturday. We went to Wade's. He loves the rolls there! 

Then we went to Yogurt Mountain! 

Sunday was a big day! Maddox moved up to the 2 year old class and everyone started a new series called OHANA. Hence the beauty clothes. 


Awesome decorations! 



Sunday afternoon, we headed to Lake Bowen. We had plans to get together with some of Matt's family visiting from out of town, however, one of them was sick so the plans were altered a bit. We headed up there to see those that we could! 


Both Mason and Maddox caught fish! 


Maddox wasn't too sure about it! 


Water break! 

More fish! 



Celebrating Maddox's and Grandmom's Birthdays! Pound cake, strawberries, cool-whip and a delicious picnic that Grandmom brought! 

That FACE! 

A quick storm came through while we were there and it was crazy! Look at the result of it though. :) 

Good snuggles with Daddy. 

It was a great afternoon! Matt and I can't stop talking about it! 

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