Saturday, March 24, 2012

Open Letters..

Lately, as various events and situations have occurred, I have found myself wanting to "write a letter" to the person who it occurred with. It's actually  made me laugh about the situation and just move on it if was an annoying situation OR it has made me hold onto the situation a little longer if it was a good one. I wanted to share some of them with you here :)

Dear Truck Driver,

Please go somewhat close to the speed limit if you pull over in front of me after passing me. Oh, and if you have time, do you mind using your blinker too?

Buick Driver

Dear Crazy Driver,

If you feel the need to wait until I get very close to you to pull out in front of me, please accelerate quickly so I'm not having to slow down to negative 25 mph while you speed up :)

The driver of the car who almost ends up in your bumper EVERY TIME :)

Dear Lawn Maintenance Guy at work,

Thanks for stopping your blower while I walked to my car. Next time, would you consider leaving it off until I actually get into the car so I don't get covered by grass anyway? Just a thought. 

SLP who is covered in grass :)

Dear Girl Scouts,

Thanks for creating your cookies. TAG A LONGS???? Seriously, the best cookie I've ever eaten. And those THIN MINTS? They make my husband extremely happy. Oh and the smiles you have on your faces when you ask me to pay $3.50 for one box? Make it all worth it! 

Your #1 cookie fan 

Dear Gas Prices,

You suck.

A family with an empty Gas Budget envelope!

Dear McDonald's,

I don't really like your food but in a pinch sometimes it is necessary. HOWEVER, I am not thrilled about the rude young woman you hired to work at your York, SC location. I did not enjoy her having my sandwich hanging out of the window before I even got to it or how she never made eye contact or spoke one word to me. Nope, I didn't enjoy that one bit. 

The woman who PRAYS that good customer services isn't gone!

Dear High School/College Girl,

Step away from the mirror with your camera phone. FOR REAL :)

Person who is considering deleting Instagram

Dear Husband,

You are incredible. Thanks for the flowers you got me last week. BEST SURPRISE after a crazy day. 
I'm gonna keep you!

Your bride

Dear Mom,

You spoil us. Thanks for always surprising us with treats. And BIG thanks for the new lipstick. HAPPY DAUGHTER!

Your spoiled rotten kids

Dear Road Kill,

Sorry that happened to you.

Driver who smells your pain

Dear Spring,

Where are YOU!?!?! 

Your friend who isn't ready for Summer in March!

Hope these made you Laugh. Maybe you can relate. Who would you like to write a letter to?

Til then-
Did YOU Hear about the Morgans? 


  1. Love this! Here's mine:

    Dear pushy car salesman/finance manager,

    When someone tells you they are only looking at a car and are not prepared to buy one today, please don't try to talk me into it by saying, "even if you found the perfect car today, you're not prepared to buy??" What part of "No not today" do you not understand??

    Firm Customer

  2. Dear funny blogger,
    Really enjoyed reading that. Made this sleep deprived mom laugh.
    Love you sweet friend,
    Tired mom of newborn