Wednesday, August 29, 2012

28 Things for my 28th Birthday

August 29th is my birthday. WOOHOO! Have I mentioned that I LOVE birthdays? It is so fun to celebrate the life of someone on their birthday. Thankful that I married a husband who has learned to love birthdays as I do and celebrates mine to the fullest. I'm going to keep him!

Since it is my 28th birthday, I thought I'd write 28 things about myself. Hope it isn't too hard! :)

1. I have been married for just shy of 20 months and it gets better every day.

2. I love to bake especially cookies, cakes and cupcakes. I am baking some strawberry shortcake cupcakes for a very special little girl's birthday this weekend.

3. I have 1 half brother, 1 half sister, 3 step brothers, 1 step sister, 1 niece and three nephews on my side of the family. We also have two nephews on Matt's side of the family.

4. I love to sleep but rarely can sleep late anymore. Although, my goal for my birthday is to sleep LATE! We shall see how it goes.

5. I was a softball player for 13 years. I also thew the shot put and discus and managed the girl's basketball team.

6. I am a HUGE LSU fan. I went there for a semester but it was too big for me. But I still love my Tigers.

7. I have always considered myself to not be very crafty until the last year and now I LOVE IT! I'm even selling some of the crafts we have made in a show next month. Who would have thought?

8. I love to read. I used to read a lot more before I got married and then it tapered off but now I'm reading more again. My favorite author is Karen Kingsbury. My husband and I have also been reading through all of the Newberry Award winning books. That's been fun.

9. I love lists. I never used lists until I went to graduate school and then it became absolutely necessary because there is way too much to do to keep up with it in your head!

10. I love blogging. I started about 4 years ago and it has been so fun for me! Also, I love to read blogs. I didn't read many before the last 1.5 years but now it is how I unwind for the evening. Very fun!

11. I love to travel. I always have and I think it's because I grew up in a small town and we didn't go many places when I was younger. Now, I love it. Matt does too so that makes it even better.

12. Matt and I have been discussing our Christmas card design since July! EEEKK. We can't wait to get started on them.

13. Since I moved out of my mom's house in 2007, I have only lived in apartments. Matt and I hope to rent in October so I'm pretty excited about that.

14. I have a list in the back of my mind of certain items that I love but I'll never buy for myself. I keep them in mind in case someone ask me for a gift idea :)

15. I used to enjoy clothes shopping but now it's not important to me. Matt and I made a rule that if we buy a new clothing item, we must get rid of something we own. Right now, I love all that I have so I'm not going out to buy anything!

16. I am a speech language pathologist. I originally went into the field to work with children but I have worked with adults since I've been out of school and I love it. It is such a blast and these old people keep me cracking up every single day.

17. My favorite movies are Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman and Steel Magnolias. I dare you to watch Steel Magnolias and not cry. GETS ME EVERY TIME!

18. I love to cook...especially for my husband. He will eat most anything so that makes experimenting easy to do when I'm in the mood for that.

19. I get subscriptions to several magazines from my mom each year. I enjoy them. Food Network Magazine, Guideposts, and a couple of others. I also got free subscriptions to a couple of magazines that I probably wouldn't pay for! :)

20. I have been a part of 7 churches in my lifetime: Kentwood First Baptist Church (childhood), Amite Church of Christ (teenage years), House on the Rock (college), North Monroe Baptist Church (graduate school), Church of the Highlands (internships), Gateway Baptist Church (Montgomery), Church of the Highlands (Montgomery) and now Restoration Church.

21. We have crossed 38 goals off of our 101 in 1001 list. It's been such a blast!

22. Hurricane Katrina hit on my 21st birthday and it's looking like Isaac may do the same.

23. I am missing my 10 year high school year reunion. I am so bummed about it but the date wasn't decided for certain until 2 weeks ago and it's 1 month away. Just can't swing that!

24. I love to watch TV but we don't have cable. We just can't justify the price of cable since we aren't home to watch TV much. Hulu fills the void ;-)

25.  My guilty pleasure show is RHOBH and the Mr. and I love to watch Law and Order: SVU, Criminal Minds an Person of Interest.

26. I love my parents. They did a good job with me :)

27. I can't wait to be a mom. It's a lifelong dream and I really feel like my greatest calling in life is to be a wife and mother. Somedays that makes it hard to go to work!! :)

28. I am looking forward to this next year a great deal. We will pay off student loans, maybe begin having children, fostering etc, and then on my next birthday, I'll celebrate my GOLDEN BIRTHDAY!

Well, that's it! Happy 28th Birthday to me!

Til then-
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  1. Happy Happy Birthday!! And I love all three of those movies, classics!

  2. Happy Birthday! Thank you for visiting my blog! That is so crazy that you live in Spartanburg - my husband & I live in Duncan! Such a small world.