Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Best Fish that Ever lived

On February 8th, 2011, just a few weeks after we returned from our honeymoon, we purchased our first pet. 
We chose to get a betta fish and we named him Splenden. 

It was actually a treat from me to Matt on a hard day. He took excellent care of him. 

Last week, he began to act funny and we determined, through research, that he was likely constipated. We followed all of the guidelines to help him get better and we were so glad he was starting to look like he was getting better. 

Tonight, after a weekend out of town, (we took him with us because he had been sick), Matt was trying to move him into clean water and something happened and he went limp. 

Sadly, Splenden passed away. Matt and I both just cried and cried. We were both surprised at how much we cried but we just loved him so much and he was a part of our family! 

Splenden, Thanks for being an awesome fish and teaching us both about how to care for something else! We will miss you!

P.S. When I texted Mom to tell her, she said "So Sad. Need to replace him with a real baby boy!" Crazy lady! 

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