Friday, December 12, 2014

GiGi Visits SC

A while back when we planned our trip to Louisiana for November, we decided it would be a good time for Mom to come visit us. She usually flies up and back but this kept her from having to book a round trip. We had such a good time with her here. 

Matt had to work all but two of the days Mom was here so we had lots of Mom and Daughter time along with GiGi and Mason time! 

We did some shopping, some eating out, went to library story time, watched lots of Walker, Texas Ranger as I mentioned in a recent post and just had lots of fun! 

Matt took some pictures of the three of us as well as just Mom and Mason. 



We had an early Christmas exchange while Mom was here. She got us some great gifts and we gave her some new fuzzy warm socks! It was fun because Mason was really into it and he peeled paper off a little bit at a time and gave the pieces to Mom. It was so funny! 

We also were able to capture some sweet moments between Mom and Mason. Here they are reading. 

And swinging...

And playing...

On Mom's last night here, we got to go to a Christmas event downtown. It didn't go totally as planned but we still had fun! 

Christmas PJ selfie one night! 

We had such a fun time with Mom here! Love you GiGi!

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