Sunday, June 19, 2016

Maddox {Remaining Hospital Pictures}

This post is just a random post with pictures from the hospital during the remaining days we were there and also some pictures of Mason at home etc while we were at the hospital. 
Early Tuesday morning, Matt was sleeping and I was snuggling Maddox up nice and tight!

The squish nose!!

Mason came to visit again and got some good Maddox snuggles once again.

Matt took Mason home for nap and he got a nap, too. In the meantime, GiGi stayed with me. I tried to rest. I didn't sleep much but I definitely closed my eyes. GiGi got some good snuggles in the meantime.

Mason got a big fox like Maddox's small one and he decided Fox needed shoes and socks. HAHA!

Matt brought him to meet up with friends who were gracious enough to have Mason play at the park with them. We have been blessed with some awesome friends!

Matt came back and got in some good Daddy/Maddox snuggles. :)

I may or may not have watched Maddox sleep. ;-)

Sweet love love.

Wednesday, we were set to go home at some point. Mom and Mason had some visitors at home.

Ready to go home! I know we took a picture with Matt, too, but I'm not sure where it is?!?

Mr. Red Nose ready to go!

Thankfully, our hospital stay was mostly uneventful and we got to come home in just over 48 hours! 

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