Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February {What I Learned}

1. As much as I want to enjoy NFL football, I just don't care. 
I literally "watched" the Super Bowl for the snacks, halftime show and time with my guys. I LOVE college football but NFL football is just not my thing.

2. I really enjoy rearranging things in our house.
Like, all of the time. I move little things around weekly. I told Matt (and he agreed) that it helps keeps me content with our small space. Don't get me wrong, we have enough space for us but sometimes it can feel boring. Moving little things around just make me happy. This month, I moved a bookshelf in our room and I made plans to move our desk into our room once Mason is in a twin bed and Maddox no longer needs the pack and play for naps.

3. I really couldn't care less about social media debates etc etc etc. 
Well, I didn't learn this during February but I was very much reminded of it. I am friends with liberals, conservatives, and everything in between and beyond and while I certainly have things I'm passionate about, I just don't want to argue about it or see people argue about it on Facebook. So, the "unfollow" button/hiding specific posts has been well utilized lately.

4. Lice suck. 
Seriously, I wrote a whole post about this on 2/12/17 but y'all, I hate those little suckers.

5. Ingles' manager specials are AWESOME!!
A friend told me that one of our grocery stores has a hot Chinese food bar as well as gelato and she recommended it to me for a possible at-home date night option for Matt and me. I went to check it out and I found browsed the store and found manager specials. I've been several times already and gotten super great deals on fresh vegetables, meats, and many other things. I've saved a ton of money and I'm HOOKED!!

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  1. We learned the same social media lesson in February!! Hide button for the win!! You reminded me that I no longer arrange furniture with the same gusto I used to! I used to change it all the time, but I haven't moved anything (other than as necessary for Christmas tree placement, but then everything went right back to its home) since we moved in here!