Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Morgan's Movements {Week 13}

Recap time! We left off our last recap with Matt's 31st birthday. Tuesday started with two happy boys playing on the floor in PJs. Not much is better than that! 

We didn't have speech that day since it was moved to Wednesday so we met our friends at Hatcher Garden. I will write more about that tomorrow. 

Wednesday brought two happy boys once again and we enjoyed a quiet morning at home before heading to the early learning center for speech. 
Always something drawing them to the kitchen. :) 

It was a beautiful day for walking to speech and Mason helped me almost the whole way. 
Maddox and I laughed while Mason was in his speech session. 

That afternoon when Matt got home we headed to storytime at the library. Matt was a little afraid of stick wielding Maddox! 

Mason is becoming more and more independent during storytime and that's so fun to see. He LOVES the crafts...for about 2 minutes and then he's ready to play! 


Sweet boy! 

Shortly after we got home from storytime and had dinner, Mason threw up. BLAH! Matt came home so we could tag team with the boys. Unfortunately, that night he got sick, too. He was sick all night and was home Thursday recovering. 

In fact, we were all recovering all day Thursday. Mason was puny and we just snuggled all day

Maddox was a trooper and hung right there with us. Love his sweet self. 

Friday brought lots of feeling better. Matt went to work for a few hours and then boys and I were home playing. 

Mason also identified his nipple that day. Haha! 

Happy little bit! 

Saturday morning I went to work for a bit and Matt and Mason gathered everything they needed to take a our bed. :) 

Later on while Matt and Mason were at basketball (I'll share more about that later.), Maddox and I hung out. Bath time! 


Later that night we went to dinner and to Roller Derby. I'll write about that later on, too. 
Despite the sickness, it was a good week for us. 

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