Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Morgan's Movements {Week 15}

Phew! I didn't blog at all last week and I'm anxious to catch up the ole blog for memory's sake. 

Sunday started with a bagel date for my guys. It turns out that last year on that same day, Mason and I went on a bagel date. Guess it's a good day for a bagel date. :) 

While they had a date, Maddox took a bath BY HIMSELF. Pretty sure it's one of his favorite things. 

After their bagels, they went to Hatcher Garden and saw a hawk! Highlight of Mason's week! 

We headed to church that evening and Mason had another highlight...a goose in the parking lot...haha! 

Excuse the busyness of this picture but we started a countdown chain for our summer trip! 

We also had a fun "first" at our house. I got some water paints for Mason and eventually for Maddox, too, and we used them Monday morning. It was so fun! 

We spent some of that morning outside. Man, the weather was beautiful! 


I love reading to Mason and I have yet to find a good way to read to Maddox. He is on the move constantly! But this option worked pretty well for us. 

Naptime that afternoon involved Netflix for me and delicious pie that our neighbor brought over! 

This is how Maddox "reads"...

We had spaghetti that night and I had Mason get down to his underwear. He definitely needed a bath after that yumminess! 

Watching these boys playing more and more together is just the best. It makes everyday a good day. 

Tuesday is speech day as usual and it was perfect weather so we walked. I love walking there and it makes me soooo bummed when it's a rainy Tuesday! 

That evening, Matt repeated spaghetti and Mason stripped down without asking. This time, he took off his underwear, too. 😳

Daddy, oh wait, that's Maddox! in Daddy's shirt. :) 

Wednesday is a great day for PJs and a little relaxation before breakfast. :) 

Then Maddox had to show his muscles in his muscle shirt! 

SO much sweetness! 

Next morning brought more shenanigans and Maddox got stuck behind the trampoline. haha! 

After Maddox's morning nap, we headed to Hatcher Garden to stroll and had a picnic lunch! It was such a fun morning! 


Miss Kris met us with Anna and she was dressed as the Easter Bunny! So much fun! 

Friday I did something I haven't done yet. I took both boys to the grocery store alone. And I didn't just survive, I thrived! Yay for snacks! 

The weather, again, called for some outside time. 

That evening I headed to work and Matt went with the boys for what it seems is their new tradition, CiCi's dinner! 

Maddox went beige with his food. :) 


Mason even got a balloon animal at CiCi's. 

I got a special treat and I got to watch Kris's girls while Kris and Paul went on a date. We had a great time, bedtime routine aside, and I hope I get to do that again! Those are two sweet girls!! 

Kris sent me home with cake so Matt and I enjoyed that special late night treat! 

Saturday morning we dropped the truck off for an oil change and on the way home, we found out April the giraffe was in labor! Mason and I became her birth coaches. That was fun! 

Guess seeing a baby giraffe being born meant we needed extra snuggles! 



That evening, Mason got a new bed. I'll share more about that in another post! 

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