Thursday, December 28, 2017

Christmas Eve Eve

Christmas Eve Eve was such a great day! The guys had some playtime in the yard that morning while Mom and I went to Old Navy searching for a deal! 

GiGi got some snuggles when we got back home...

Daddy did, too! 

We usually eat out on Christmas Eve but we went out for Christmas Eve Eve since the next day was Sunday. We also went to church Saturday night. 

Waiting for hamburgers and pie! :) 

Love that sweet tea! 

Saturday night, we got dressed and headed to church for the Christmas service. 

We attempted many family selfies so I'm including a few good ones and a few silly ones...

Probably the best one we them so much! 

Or this one! :) 

Pure goofiness....

We made it to church and tried for a few more pictures there! 

Join us, GiGi! 

Love my momma! 

And I love my man! 

What a great day! 

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