Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Morgan's Movements 2018 {Week 1}

Well, in the new year, Matt and I are reading more together in the evenings and that is typically my blogging time so that's why it is mid-month and I'm just now talking about New Year's Day. 😂

After a fun NYE party, we woke up at NYD and headed to Golden Corral for brunch. 
I mean, where else can you have chocolate before lunch time?!? 

On our way home, we saw this fountain frozen solid. Mason was PUMPED! 

my helpers...

That afternoon, GiGi was in football watching heaven with one game on TV and one on the iPad. 

Love him...

Mr. Explorer...

Later on NYD, we went to Grandmom and Granddad's for dinner. Maddox game some good snuggles to Grandmom. 

So much sweetness. 

After an incredibly yummy dinner, Mason helped Grandmom with the dishes. 

Maddox made sure Granddad got some attention, too. 

Tuesday morning, Mason was a big helper. He made his bed and then helped me make mine and Matt's! 

The weather was incredibly cold so we were inside for much of Mom's visit but we made the most of it. 


Matt and them had a burst pipe and he took these pictures for Mason. 

When Matt got home, Mom and I went out to shop a bit together and Matt bundled the boys up warm and went outside to play. He's the best dad. Not sure if I've ever mentioned that! 

The next day was Mom's last day with us and we enjoyed it. Puzzles and snuggles and just relaxing. 

We also went to storytime with GiGi
Maddox won some glasses. 😂

My flowers looked good 6 days later. I love them so much! 

Thursday morning, we gave GiGi all of our good-byes, hugs, kisses and love! 

These pictures crack me up. What is Maddox doing?!? 




I love this one!! 

The four...(Matt was at work.) 

Mom and Me! Love her. we had the best visit and I was sad to see her go! 

We didn't get to go to Trader Joe's while she was here so she gave us some fun money to make a stop by there after we brought her to the airport. Maddox didn't know what was going on! 

That afternoon, I got some good snuggles from my boys. That was the best. 

Oh my word. Hello crazy hair! 

Friday, Maddox busted his lip BAD! It was a rough 15 minutes or so. 
**More to share about Friday in another post.**

Everyone helped make it better though. Lots of love. 

Maddox is starting to love books and sit for long periods of time to read with us. He was showing off his new words to Matt and Dad was definitely impressed! 

Before kid's workshop, Matt took the boys to roam around Home Depot. Mason saw this grill and said it was so big he cold cook 11 cheeseburgers on it! 

That lip! 😩

Most patient Daddy ever...for real! 

More reading proof...

YOMO treat! Yay for gift cards! Also, Mason's face. 😂

After YOMO, we hit up B&N. One of our faves...

Matt and I ended the night with smoothies...a new favorite this year. :) 

Sunday was a sweet day at church and home. We had the best time tougher. 
Look at this sweetness. 

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