Friday, January 26, 2018

The Morgan's Movements 2018 {Week 3}

Week 4 is nearly over so I guess I'll recap week 3 now. We have been truly enjoying life these days. I had a rough week or so not long ago and these sweet days and just giving me extra gratefulness to God for his blessings. And I legit mean that. 

This little guy is something. I went to get him up from nap last week and I found this. Yep, he did that all by himself. 

Tuesday of last week, Matt was off and after a delicious breakfast,  we took the boys to storytime at the library. Matt took Maddox to a younger toddler one and I took Mason to a 3-6 year old storytime. It was great for all of us! 




And that afternoon, Matt and Mason got into Mason's bed, snuggled up warm, and watched monster truck videos. 

Then Mason snuggled up in this bed coziness and took a nap. :) 

That evening, we got ice cream. Y'all, these are the January specials at Bruster's and they were so good! Coffee break and mudslide. 

And I got to use my pint cozy. Yep, everyone needs one! 

The next day was a snowy day and we literally just snuggled in at home! I'll tell more about that later. 

Later on in the week, the boys snuggled up by me and read a book together. Their relationship is getting sweeter by the day! 

Later that day, Mason needed a ponytail because he'd had his hair appointment scheduled twice and he just needed to see his cars. 😉

Our sweet neighbor brought by M&M's and that made for some happy Morgans especially the little ones! 

Mason and I spent time playing his new board game! Lots of fun! 

Matt texted me these next pictures after Maddox's nap. This sweet boy could not wake up! 


We ended that day with a Morgan sandwich. The best kind. :) 

Friday we had Grandmom and Granddad over for lunch and while Maddox was waiting for them, he was reading all of the books! 

While Mason was building his train...

We had a great lunch and played games for a bit before they left. 

Maddox is now in love with Mason's bed. He gets in there and snuggles down and says night night. 

He fell later that day and he gave me the best snuggles while he recovered. Man, I love this one. 

Friday afternoon, I had to work and Matt and the boys had good time at home. 

and we caught them sleeping soundly that night. Well, one of them. 😉

Saturday morning we left bright and early to head to a local school to watch a friend play basketball! That was a fun little experience. 



This was Mason's last long-haired pic because that afternoon: haircuts! 

Excuse the teeth, he was eating chocolate! 

Sunday morning, we headed to Target before church. We love a good pre-church Target run! 

After church, Matt said, "Get dressed" and this is what came out! 😂😂😂

That evening, Mason drove everyone to AWANA. :) 

The week ended with Matt's Eagles winning and getting ready to head to the big game! 

On to week 4! 

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