Friday, February 15, 2019

Saturday Hike @ Croft State Park

Despite the cold, we ventured out with friends on Saturday to hike at Croft State Park. The day was beautiful, the trail was perfect and despite an injury, we had a GREAT time! 

Matt had a hard job. Maddox did not. 

When you hike with kids, there are millions of stops. It's just part of it. One of our stops was by water and sand. Kids' dream come true! 

Hat twins...she is the cutest! 

Dad of the year...kneeling down with 50 pounds of weight so Maddox could touch the water! 

Sweet friends. 

They made it! 

Our little explorers. 

The injury...Mason tripped and hit his eye on a root. Thankfully, it wasn't too bad but it sure hurt him! 

I pray that this spring and summer we can enjoy many more days outside together as a family and with friends! 

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