Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The Morgan's Movements 2019 {Week 5}

One morning, Mason asked to set up a grocery store so we did! We had all of our food including bakery items and we even had a cash register area. It's a good thing I don't shop at his grocery store often because things were expensive!!! 


I had to show off my hat one cold morning when we headed to Stroller Rollers. It was a gift from a friend and I love it! 

Framily (friends who are like family) time is always good for the soul. Even if it is freezing cold outside! 

A day when my hair is done and I'm wearing make up must be documented. 😂

Matt sent this picture. He was in the bathroom and Maddox came in and closed the door to "give Matt privacy." 😂

This would be me feeling like I may die at Stroller Rollers. 

Salad for breakfast? Sure, why not! #WhoAmI

I'm trying to be more diligent about reducing screen time and I was proud to see this last week! 

One morning both boys ended up in bed with me after their potty stop. I was pretty excited for those snuggles! 

We had an extra buddy with us for Kid's workshop Saturday! 



I also decided to try to find the pins from kid's workshops of the past. I didn't find all of them but I found a good bit and we will work to keep up with them from now on! Just a fun treasure for years to come. 

We made it to the Airport Park on a beautiful day. Maddox scootered, I walked, Matt ran and Mason rode his bike. It was perfection! 

We ended with Chick-Fil-A dinner which thanks to coupons was $7 for all of us. 🎉

Ending the night with snuggles together. Love these people. 

The next morning, someone found his way to me once Matt got him up. He's the best snuggler. 

Look at those two boys in bowties! 

I love us. 

Pile on Dad! 

We went to a friend's house for Super Bowl and thought it was so nice she put up balloons for us to be able to find her house. 😉

Maddox didn't care a thing about the game for the most part but he was happy playing! 

Snacks in a recliner. #Boys 

Goodness...that Super Bowl party wore us out. Monday afternoon, we all took naps! 

Well, Matt didn't. He had to work. 😝 But he hit platinum with homer awards at work. He got this cool patch, a little bonus and a free gift. 🎉 I was pretty darn proud! 

A valentine event at the library kept us occupied. It was a fun time! 

Matt had the boys outside in the yard on a beautiful afternoon. They got all of the leaves into one pile and were all filthy dirty by the end of it! 

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