Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Matt's 33rd Birthday!

A week ago, Matt turned 33! We celebrated him all day long! 
The boys had an early dentist appointment so he slept in and when we came home, we threw balloons on him and sang "happy birthday!" 

Then we had banana-egg pancakes and sang again. We ate breakfast together and he opened some birthday cards that he had received in the mail. 



We did a few things that morning and let him have a little nap before we headed out on a hike! 
Cottonwood trail is a beautiful area but not intense so it's great for a leisurely walk, hike, stroll. You get the picture. 😉


We packed snacks and ate after a bit. 

Mason found a treasure on the trail and he buried it again for someone else to find. 

My birthday guy! 


That evening, we ate dinner all together and enjoyed some snuggles before the boys went to bed. 

It was a good day and I can't wait to celebrate him a bit more with cake etc once we finish up our round of Whole30! :) 

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