Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Recent Reads {June/July 2019}

Here are a few of my recent reviews reads from this summer. With all of our traveling, I haven't read much so I'm hoping to jump back in with more reading ASAP!

The Women Who Met Jesus by Dorothy Valcarcel is incredible! Each chapter introduces a woman that Jesus encountered. The Scripture is shared that introduces us to the woman and then the author dives deeper. A personal story typically accompanies each topic as well. There is a time for reflection where the name of each woman is shared again as well as the scripture reference. Questions and an inspirational passage are included, too. I found this book relatable and interesting and I will hope to utilize this as a reference for encouragement as I go through different situations in life. 

The Next Right Thing by Emily P. Freeman is the next book. The tagline for the book is "A simple, soulful practice for making life decisions." I truly feel like this book embodies that. The chapters are straightforward and insightful and made me think through some of the thoughts she presented. I think this book would be great for someone who is in a season of having to make a big life decision. This gives practical steps and helps guide the decision making. That's not to say it can't be beneficial for the day-to-day decisions of life though. Freeman's writing is very calm and I enjoyed that. 

The Very Best, Hands-On, Kinda Dangerous Family Devotions by Tim Shoemaker is the last read for this post. I had super high hopes for this book and I must say I'm a bit "meh" about it now. While I LOVE the lessons that the activities are supposed to teach, I felt like most of the activities were a bit time consuming and more involved than I or my husband would truly enjoy. That being said, the author does encourage the reader to complete one a week or so. While they are time-consuming, it isn't like you are doing something huge everyday. So, I think the idea is great but for a family on a budget, I don't know that this is the best choice. We will pick and choose the ones we will do from this book. I think this would be great for a youth leader or a co-op teacher etc. 

Thank you, Revell Books,  for all of these reads! 

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