Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Forged Through Fire by Mark D. McDonough, MD {A Book Review}

Forged through Fire by Mark D. McDonough was an incredible story of resilience and courage. 
When Mark was younger, his family home caught on fire. He was badly burned and his mother and brother died in the fire. 

As Mark shares the story of the night of the fire as well as the days that follows, you can almost feel his physical pain. He writes of the smells and sounds and the process he had to go through for healing. Obviously, he whole family was going through a healing process at the same time. 

During the last third of the book, Mark shares about a serious venture that he undertook when he realized that he was sick with an addiction. He shares how his life changed and how he worked hard to overcome and heal. 

I found this story difficult to read but also so encouraging and insightful. If you enjoy true life stories, I'd check this one out! 

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