Thursday, September 15, 2016

Cottonwood Trail

Now that the weather is cooling off and we are really trying to embrace all of our time together, we are going to take more adventures in our town. Spartanburg is such a beautiful city and we want to see more and more of it! 
This particular weekend, we headed to Cottonwood Trail! It was beautiful and we had such a fun time!  

Here we are! Ready to go!!

The trails we walked on are mostly shaded and slightly-wooded. We came upon a bridge and looked over the creek and saw a friend. :) So beautiful!

Super Dad!

Trying to see where else we need to go!

We stopped for a snack and Mason left his sticks. About half way down the next trail, he realized he left his sticks. We ended up turning around because we wanted to try one other trail and when we passed back by the sticks, Mason squealed! Reunited. :)

This is why he needs sticks...drawing in the sand.

Can't go around it, gotta go under it!

They made it!!

We took our time walking and we saw lots of insects and bugs. Mason is staring at a spider here.

We made it!!

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