Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Morgan's Movements {Late August 2016}

Whoa, late August passed us right on by. We had so much fun! Dates, my birthday and plenty of fun days at home.
 My sweet smiley smiley boy! 

Cozy mornings in Mom & Dad's bed!

Another comfy church morning found Maddox and myself in the Mother's room.


Coolest kid we know. Safety glasses and church lemonade.

I know I have said this 100 times before but this guy's love for reading is something that I love. He can be found all throughout the day reading.

At home date night for these two love birds. Steaks and twice baked potatoes thanks to a Omaha Steaks gift card.



Someone is ready for potty training! He is ready to wear his "Big boys!"

Can't just put one brother on the blanket. Gotta have two!

Ready for outside! We tried the hat. Maddox wasn't interested.






I had a girl's night with Jenn and, sadly, forgot to get a picture with her. BUT I did get my food. SOOOO Good!

My (blurry) guys.

Hey, that's better!

"I help Ma"

Practicing rolling over.

Looking out the window.

Maddox loves Elefun, too!

Side note: I feel like I may be double posting some of these but you know what? My guys are cute so I'm gonna keep on going!

We call this Bro Chat

This boy LOVES bath!

And can we just talk about him sitting in his Bumbo. ah!!!

I was resting one day with Maddox and while I did, Matt and Mason did this. :)

Mason is one cool kid driving his car!

This picture is a good example of why I call him "Cheeks Morgan" right now!

See these ants? Showed up and made this gigantic pile in less than 36 hours! Fire ants = UGH!  Matt sprayed them and Mason threw large rock at them. ha!


Reading and snuggling for Dad and Mason makes me smile!

All smiles!

and silly faces. :)

We ended the month of August with our favorite storytime. We LOVE Miss Catie and her storytime.


This post felt scattered BUT I got it in so yay for that! 

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