Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Lots of Maddox!

Just like there are plenty of pictures of Mason, there are certainly many of Maddox, too! 

This guy is getting so big! He wants to sit up all of the time now! 

We are sooooo sleepy!

His hair? THE BEST!!!


Brother was here! Note: the ball.

Dad AND brother were here! Matt and Mason play hide and seek often and they wanted Maddox to play, too!

Sweet boy. And Mason trying to peek in on the pic!

Trying to hold on to EVERYTHING!!

Ready for a closeup!

In the jungle!

Outside in the bouncer for the first time.

Trying to hold his bottle. Big helper!

So serious but with a slight smile. :)

There it is!!

When you're trying to feed your baby but he keeps smiling...haha!

Think he was relaxed?

For the record, we lay him the opposite direction for sleeping. HAH!

Smiley, happy guy!

First cloth diaper! And so far, only 1/2 that he's worn. He wet through them super fast so I'm trying to troubleshoot what the problem is!

All he wants to do is sit up! I cannot handle it.

He's starting to hold some toys now, too.

But you know, that can be tiring!

Mr. Serious!

Soooo smiley!

Our sweet baby boy is SO fun!

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