Friday, September 16, 2016

Milliken Arboretum with Friends

Last week, we tried to have an evening play time with our buds but it was a little crazy so we moved our fun to the next day and we met at Milliken to feed ducks and explore. 
The morning was PERFECT! 

 Here's what my sweet friend said:
"Some days there are perfect outings: best buds play beautifully, ducks, turtles and fish eat pretzels, bridges and waterfalls are discovered, grass is walked through, rolled in, and picked up, babies are snuggled, and mamas finish conversations that they haven't caught up on in weeks! Today was one of those mornings, and for that, I am thankful!" 

We got there a few minutes before our friends so while I strolled Maddox around, Mason checked out all of the ducks, geese and pigeons he could see! 

He also demonstrated his duck moves.

A quick break...

There's our bud!!

Sleepy baby!

Pointing out the fish.

Splash! Splash! Splash!


Mason THOUGHT he wanted to get close to his new friend until his new friend tried to come TOO close. haha!

Beautiful little waterfalls.

My little adventurer.

Everyone needs a break. 

Mason wanted to cross over the waterfall, so we did!

Checking out the ducks, fish and turtles. One thing is for sure: they got plenty to eat. Kids and animals included!


When a sweet friend offers to hold your sweet baby boy, you take her up on it! Maddox was loving it! He also gnawed on her finger!

We enjoyed TWO hours with our friends and then we headed to McDonald's for a little playtime and lunch. And ended the day with a little peck. ;-)

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