Friday, September 2, 2016

The Morgan Boys & Dad

Last week I posted pictures of my boys and then some of my boys with me. Today, let's see what kind of fun pictures I have of my boys with their sweet Daddy.

Silly faces with Daddy and Mason are always a treat!

Cheers for a Saturday morning breakfast together!

Sometimes, the morning comes too early and more snuggles are needed (and wanted)!

My two firefighters!

One evening, we had planned for Matt to take Mason to the Y to swim but it was threatening rain. Instead, they played outside until rain came and then came inside for snacks and a few shows. Maddox joined in!

Reading with Dad is FUN!

One afternoon, we saw some HUGE bulldozers drive by. They turned down the road next to us so we thought they might have gone to the airport. Matt loaded Mason in the car to see if they were there. Unfortunately, they weren't but lots of fun was had anyway.


One Saturday, I was heading to work and Matt wanted to go out with the boys so he wore Maddox. We practiced the night before. Maddox was a little uncertain but Matt loved it. :)

Pure love and silliness.

Book store fun! This guy is SUPER Dad!

Maddox got pretty comfy, obviously!

I'm so grateful that my guy loves his kids! He is excellent at caring for them and I pray I never take it for granted! 

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