Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Mason Says & Does {9}

Everyday Mason says or does something new that makes us smile and laugh. He is definitely still dealing with some speech deficits and we are following up with that. However, as the mom who spends all day with him, I can decipher pretty easily. Let's see what's going on this time around! 

--He dumped the puzzle pieces out for his 52 piece alphabet puzzle and said "Oh my doodness" Haha! 

--Mason talks about going to school about once a week. One day, he was watching an episode of Daniel Tiger and he was going to school. I said "Do you want to go to school with Daniel Tiger?" He said, "No stay home." Well, that settles it! 

--For a couple of months, we have been teaching Mason to say "excuse me" when he wants to say something and two adults are talking. He is now saying it without prompting! YAY!!! 

--When Mason gives a hug he says "Awww" everytime. The. Best. 

--When you answer a question for him, he will say "Oh okay" in the cutest little voice. 

--When the last piece of cake was left, I split it between Matt and Mason after dinner one night. I headed into the living room to pump and I stopped and asked if I could have a bite of cake. Mason kindly said "Nuh uh, Ma. Go pump" haha! 

--We were doing an activity and I told Mason something in Spanish and said that's how you say ____ in Spanish. "Mason do you know how to say 'hello' in Spanish?" His response "Hewo in panish" THIS KID!!

--Matt pointed out to Mason that he and Maddox both had blue eyes. Mason said "Yeah, and you, too, Dad. Ma have green." Keep in mind, I was not in the room. The things he learns and remembers surprise me every day! 

--When I was at work one morning, some police cars were outside. When I got home, I asked Mason about it. "Three police cars. Five policeman. Big mess!" 

--I broke a hanger one morning and I put it in the trash. Mason asked to see it. He then came to show it too me. "It boke Ma." I told him I knew because I had broken it. He went over to Matt and said "Ma boke dis, not me." Threw me under the bus, that rascal!!

--When I change Mason's diaper, we often say "What's in your belly?" And we will name items that he ate for lunch etc. One day, I asked and he said "Gas!"

--We met some friends at local place recently and I passed up the road. Mason said "Turn around turn around!" Similarly another day, I didn't turn when the green arrow was on, he said "what matter ma? Go wrong way?" Can't get anything past him!

--I was headed to the grocery store and asked Mason if he needed anything. He said "Uh huh. Peas!" :) 

--Mason calls the brown wafers in Chex Mix, "cookies."

--Matt left for work one morning and Mason crawled in my lap and said "me miss daddy." :( broke my heart!

That's all for this time! 


  1. I am just DYING over here. He is hilarious!! What a smart boy and you're right - it's always amazing what they pick up and retain when you have no idea they're even paying attention! {Now why doesn't that retention thing follow me into adulthood??}

    1. Every time he opens his mouth, which is often these days ;-), I prepare myself to laugh. He's so fun!