Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Kid Olympics {MOMS Club}

A couple of weeks ago, our MOMS club held a Kid Olympics event. It was so cute and I think Mason had a great time! Maddox hung out in our outdoor pack and play and just chilled. I'm grateful he's so go with the flow at this point. 

We started the morning with the kids running with the torch. Just like the Olympics. :)

There were several events set up and Moms could just go about as they wanted to. Mason ran the 10m dash! He was FAST! :)

He completed the obstacle course.

 And he ran some more! Duh.

The Gold medal winner!

This was the long jump but Mason was more of a high jumper than a long jumper. ;-)

And cycling. We need to work on our cycling. :)

A couple of videos of Mason running!

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