Saturday, September 17, 2016

Family Time at Milliken Abortetum

Mason enjoyed Milliken with our friends so much that when it came time for our next family adventure, Mason picked to go back there! We planned to go elsewhere but Mason said "Pease go Dad to feed Ducks!" We couldn't turn that down so we went! 

It was a HOT afternoon so we packed lots of water and headed out! 

First up: pictures together! :) 

Mason was over it by the first pic but I couldn't stop!

We bypassed the most-visited ponds and went straight to the ones we saw with our friends a few days earlier. Mason was PUMPED!

We saw so many fish! Little minnows, some slightly bigger fish and then some HUGE fish! It was so fun to see them swarm toward the food.

Mason needed to eat bread, too. The fish didn't need it all!

See that little opening in the cloud? It was just such a sweet note on the day. Kinda felt like heaven was opened up for us!

It's hard to see but So. Many. Fish!

Off you go!

See that stick in his left hand? He told me to get a stick and picked up that large piece of wood. He could barely lift it! Matt and I were both cackling!

Sweet guys.

We also stopped and fed some more fish and saw this gigantor snapping turtle. It was crazy! and he was HUNGRY!

Here we are! Sweaty and happy!

Mr. Mason looking for the geese before we go.

Beautiful geese.

After we left, I thought my guys needed a treat. Mason got a cake pop.

And Matt got a chile mocha. Happy guys!

Such a fun Sunday afternoon adventure!

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