Tuesday, September 6, 2016

My 32nd Birthday!!

My 32nd birthday has come and gone! It was a GREAT weekend of celebrating! 
Matt was supposed to work all day on Friday and then be off Saturday-Monday. On Friday morning, he was feeling a bit blah so he came home from work early. He stayed home and snuggled Maddox and napped and Mason and I went on a lunch date! 

I had a free buffet lunch to CiCi's so that's where we headed. It was YUM! 

The next stop was for Mason: The Bookstore!

Contemplating which book he should look at next.

Friday night was just hang time and Saturday I worked. Saturday night, I got all dolled up for a date with my man!!

Of course, we needed a picture with Mason before we left. Maddox was already asleep.

Love this guy so much!

Jenn stayed at our house with our boys and Matt and I went to the Peddler Steakhouse.

It was a legit steakhouse where they cut the steak in front of you. Matt and I both chose ribeyes, salad bar and we shared some sauteed mushrooms.

The salad bar was excellent!!!


We had dessert of Peddler Pie. It was butter pecan ice in an Oreo crust with caramel and chocolate syrup on top. Delicious!

We made many attempts at a picture together. I'm posting them all because I loved this night!  We enjoyed a delicious splurge dinner and had great conversation in a quiet place. It was perfect!

Sunday morning, we got up and headed to Golden Corral for breakfast buffet. While there, Mason saw this couple and he said "Dey Date" Smart guy.

And because, why not? Ice cream for breakfast!

Sunday afternoon, I worked a bit and then we made pizza for dinner.

And my guys made me a cake!!!




I'm 32!!!!

Monday morning (my birthday), I got to sleep in! When I woke up, Matt and Mason had filled the tub with balloons and hid all of my birthday gifts inside. We did this last year and I think it may become a tradition. It was so fun again!

Here are my goodies! 
New kitchen towels! 

Air fresheners for the car with a promise for Matt to vacuum it. :)

Special milk chocolate and peanut butter candies.

Ice Cream scoop bath bombs!!!

And a perfect outdoor picnic blanket.

I love all of them! 

After presents, I got to have milk and cake for breakfast!

We went out to Target to make a quick return and when we came back, I snuggled with this guy while he slept. Perfect addition to my birthday.

My birthday lunch was leftover date night potato, chicken, cheese, mushroom. So good.

The rest of the day was full of relaxing all together, naps and just good times.
When we put the boys to bed, Matt sent me to the bathroom with my new bath bombs and my favorite show. It was PERFECT!!

Thanks to my guys for making my birthday special! 

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