Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Family Day {September 17, 2016}

This past weekend, we enjoyed a SUPER fun family day. 
 Let me tell you a little bit about it! 

We loaded up into the car bright and early BUT first a family pic. Remember my standard? All in the picture is a win. All looking will come one day. ;-)

We made a fast stop at CFA for breakfast for Mason because our actual first stop was more than an hour away. 

Both boys traveled well to our first stop in York, SC: Rainbow Donuts!

Gang's all here!

We tried a bear claw, apple fritter, red velvet cake donut, sour cream donut, chocolate covered with sprinkles and a plain glaze. We were pleased with all. My fave was the sour cream one! 

Mason wanted to taste mine. ;-)

Maddox woke up while the rest of us were eating and he wanted some, too. #Psych

After a quick drive around town while I pumped, (the things we do for our babies) we made it to Windy Hill Orchard to pick apples!!

This little orchard was so fun!
They even had pigs to help pick up the extra!

Super apple picker!

And his partner in crime!

After picking a whole bag full, Mason obviously needed a taste!

The picking didn't last too long which was actually good because it warmed up quickly! We grabbed a quick picture on the way out of the orchard.

We then enjoyed an apple cider slushie before moving on to our next stop! 

We drove into Rock Hill, SC. Our first stop there was a consignment sale. I ran in and shopped quickly while Mason watched a show in the car, Matt fed Maddox and then Maddox stretched his legs!

I ticked a few things off of my consignment sale list and then we headed to lunch!

We picked Grumpy Brothers and it didn't disappoint. While waiting for our food, we saw this sign on the entrance to one of their rooms. It was meant to be!

I love family pictures! 
We just colored and looking in hidden picture books while we waited for our food.


LUNCH IS HERE!! I picked mushroom and provolone burger with seasoned fries and Matt picked the chili dog and burger and we both shared with Mason.

Our last stop for the day was PW's. Let me say this: we were already stuffed to the gills but Kris said we had to tried this place and she knows ice cream so we listened! It was awesome and we were glad we made the stop! Matt and Mason had strawberry shakes and I had an oreo concrete. YUM!

Both boys slept almost the entire way home and Matt and I were glad for that!  :)

We were all worn slap out when we got home so we just CHILLED! 

Maddox enjoyed his playmat.

Matt and Mason enjoyed some silliness.

And I enjoyed just being near them.

All of my guys were in bed early and I headed out to babysit the R girls! Their mom and dad headed on a date and I was happy to be entertained by these two!

S insisted that I download snapchat and who was I do disagree!?!

It was a great day and I am glad we got to spend it all together! 

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