Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Mason Says & Does {10}

 Not a long list this go around but trust me, we are having just as much fun!!

Mason came bounding through the house one day saying "Fee Fi Fo Fum!!"

One morning, we were heading out to an event and Mason was dilly dallying and I was asking him to come on. He ran out into the yard and right as I went to scold him, he said "Here ma, a flower for you!" Heart melted and tears flowed.

We pulled up at Mason's favorite park recently and he said "We're home!!"

I told Mason "I have a fun craft for us to do with paint and qtips." And he yells "and peanut butter!!"

Mason told me the other day that he loved "Mom, Dad, Maddox, Kris and Anna." as he counted on his fingers. :)

We were getting him dressed the other day at the same time as Maddox and he said "Look ma, Maddox have p***s like me!" Yep, bud he sure does....haha!

He pointed to a pic on the wall and said "Dat your Ma" as he pointed to his GiGi and I asked him who my Dad was, "PawPaw" he responded. I then asked him who Matt's mom was and he said "YOU!" and I told him it was Grammy. And then I asked who Daddy's Dad was "PopPop" He didn't know beforehand but once I told him Grammy was Matt's mom, he connected those dots. Smart kiddo!

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