Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Mason, Mason, Mason

When it's time for blog posting, I find myself with so many fun yet miscellaneous pictures of the boys. Today is all about Mason!

Matt took Mason to the pool one evening and who doesn't love pool hair and big smiles!

Mason LOVES puzzles. We are in an in between stage with many of them where most of the simpler ones are too easy and the more complex ones are just too hard. But we do them anyway because, like I said, he loves them. :)

iPad time is another favorite. I recently hit the jackpot by getting tons of educational apps free on "Free App Friday" and we are loving them!

Just my older son and me. happy folks!

Love catching him reading.

This was his face when I told him his GiGi is going to be visiting us next year when it's her birthday!

We got to see Air Force One land in Baton Rouge. I loved being able to tell Mason about the president, his plane and why it's important that we respect him.

Outside time!

We started doing some pre-school activities at home last week and Mason is doing great!



This puzzle is HUGE and of course, Mason loves it! Anything with letters is something he enjoys. :)

Silly guy.

Wow, I'm sensing a trend. More puzzles :)

On this day, I bribed Mason. He has been using utensils for a very long time but recently he's reverted back to not using them much. I told him if he used them for his whole meal, I'd give him a cookie. :)

My boy!

We learned about patterns in our school fun last week. He was really getting the hang of it!

Sorting, coloring and gluing shapes. He's really getting the concept of this. So fun to watch him learn.

Taking pictures of himself. :)

Coloring shapes and talking about each one.

Fun at the park!


Our love our older son. He's such a FUN kid!

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