Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Quick Shout out

Last Month, Matt and I went into downtown Spartanburg and attended the Holiday Hoopla where lots of local artists from within a 1 hour radius had gathered to show off their goods. We saw so many things we loved and Matt ended up surprising me with some earrings from one of the people who was there. He ordered them on Etsy at her shop and he had to message her to ask for sterling silver hooks since my ears are sensitive. He told me that the whole process was done in 30 minutes including him messaging her requesting different backs, her responding to him with a new price and him completing the order. On top of that, she completed them and mailed them to him within 3 days. WOW!!! Just yesterday, I ordered another pair in black/grey because I'm so pleased with the ones Matt got me. Now I have two pair of earrings that I can wear on a daily basis that are super cute and don't make my ears itch! And in case you are wondering, I gave my mom all of my old earrings that bothered my ears! She was one happy Gal!

Check out OnceAgainSam on Etsy and order some earrings from her! Tell her we sent you. Nothing like supporting a local SC girl just trying to make her way :)

Here are the earrings...horrible picture quality, I know, but I was inspired to write a post so I just took a quick pic with photobooth!

Til then-
Did YOU hear about the Morgans?

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