Monday, December 31, 2012

Highlights of 2012

I know that a lot of bloggers are doing full posts for their "Year in Review" that has links to posts and pictures, etc. I think it's awesome but honestly, I don't have the patience for that and it isn't that important to me. However, I did want to do a quick post about some of the things on my mind that happened this past year. It is not all conclusive for sure!!!

1st Anniversary...1/1/12

Matt's beard...Matt grew a beard continuously for 2+ months

Scentsy...I started selling Scentsy

Photography business...Matt started his photography business

101 in 1001...we completed 49 of our 101 goals!

Etsy...I sold at least 10 wreaths as well as various other products on Etsy...Looking to sell even in 2013

New Cars...We were able to purchase and pay for in full 2 new-to-us vehicles!

Visits home...We visited Louisiana twice (April and December) and Montgomery once

Visits from family...Matt's family visited in April and my Mom came in August

Birthdays...We celebrated Matt's Golden Birthday (26th) and my 28th

Traveling...We travelled to a few fun places

Thanksgiving...We spent Thanksgiving in our home with Matt's Grandparents

Christmas...We celebrated our 2nd Married Christmas...It was fun!

500 days of Marriage...We celebrated 500 days of marriage back in the summer

no days apart...We have been married for 2 years and haven't spent any days apart

Matt's brother graduated...December 15th

Dear friends...some got married, some got engaged, some had babies and some announced pregnancies

Health...we had a healthy year

Provision...God continued to provide for ALL of our needs

Loans...We paid $15,000+ on the student loans and we are close to paying them OFF FOR GOOD

Dreaming...We dreamed and continue to dream about the future :)

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